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Free Food Allergy Email Course

Five-Day Food Allergy Course (Free) Your child is watching your behavior and learning how to deal with food allergies from you. Taming your anxiety and other negative emotions is important, and teaching your child to properly deal with food allergies from day 1 is one of the best things you can do to keep your…

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New to Peanut Allergies? Start Here

Last updated: May 2016 Welcome You’re likely here because you have one or more children with a peanut and/or tree nut allergy. For that, I’m sorry, but I’m glad we found each other. Eight years ago, I was exactly where you are: scared and overwhelmed because my child had been diagnosed with a life-threatening and life-altering…

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The Oral Food Challenge

My Preparation The day before my daughter’s peanut oral food challenge I found myself, kid-free, in the grocery store scrutinizing the labels of jars of peanut butter. I wanted to ensure whatever I purchased contained only peanuts and had not been cross contaminated with any tree nuts. I felt like a deviant, as if I…

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