Allergy Testing, Food Challenge

The Oral Food Challenge

My Preparation The day before my daughter’s peanut oral food challenge I found myself, kid-free, in the grocery store scrutinizing the labels of jars of peanut butter. I wanted to ensure whatever I purchased contained only peanuts and had not been cross contaminated with any tree nuts. I felt like a deviant, as if I…

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Have a Food Allergy Safe Halloween

As a mom, I want my children to experience all the enjoyable events I did. As a food allergy mom, I want to ensure that, when my children participate in food-related events, they do so safely. Obviously, Halloween is a tricky holiday – bad pun intended. So what’s an allergy mom to do? Moms in…

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Using Epinephrine

Danger of Delayed Allergic Reactions

Recently in my local food allergy support group, a brave mom – I’ll call her Mary – recounted the terrifying experience of dealing with her daughter’s delayed allergic reaction after eating peanut. This mom is brave for reliving those overwhelming emotions and for calling out her family’s mistakes to help educate other moms so their…

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