Become a peanut and tree nut allergy pro and manage your loved one's food allergy with confidence!

Peanut and tree nut allergies are scary because they account for more cases of anaphylaxis and trips to the emergency room than any other food allergy. 

But information is empowering, and understanding how to manage your child’s peanut and tree nuts allergies decreases the risk of reactions and gives you freedom and peace of mind.

After completing the course and book, you'll have the tools you need to confidently navigate the nut-laden world. 

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I received this e-book and couldn't put it down. This guide would be handy for the parent whose child has just been diagnosed or the mom, like me whose son has had this allergy for over 8 years. I would have given anything to have a book like this when I found out about my son's allergy to peanuts. Everything is perfectly laid out and easy to understand and read. The book has the author's personal experiences, which I love. There is nothing better than someone with experience to explain the way to approach a peanut allergy! Great book!” -Andria

Learn how to read food labels so you can confidently choose safe packaged food items. You’ll be a label reading pro after completing this module. (This module is also available as a stand-alone course.)

Food Allergy Teaching

I call epinephrine the miracle drug because it is life-saving if used quickly and correctly. I explain how epinephrine works and how to build your child’s essential emergency medication kits.

Topics Covered...

Unless your child is with you 24/7, you need to know how to ensure your child’s other caregivers understand what accommodations are needed and what special precautions need to be taken. I’ll give you the questions you should ask to ensure caregivers are properly trained and how to request special accommodations.

Birthday parties, family gatherings, holidays…food is everywhere! You’ll learn how to deal with these food-laden events with style.

Food Labels

One of the best ways to keep food-allergic children safe is by teaching them about their food allergy. But when and how to start? I’ll walk you through it and show you how.


Navigating Life

School & Daycare

Negative Feelings

After your child is diagnosed with a life-threatening food allergy, your world is turned upside down. I’ll help you turn it right side up again!

Parents of a child who has been diagnosed with a peanut and/or tree nut allergy

Parents of a child who has had an allergic reaction to peanuts or tree nuts but who has not been officially diagnosed with a peanut allergy by a doctor

Pre-teens, teens, and young adults who need to learn how to read labels and manage their peanut and tree nut allergy

Caregivers and family members of a child who is allergic to peanuts and/or nuts

Anyone who wants to understand how to keep peanut and tree nut-allergic children safe or better understand food allergies

Who the Peanut & Tree Nut Allergy Course & 

Book are for...

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Chapter 7 - Coping with Life Events

  • The Importance of Teaching your Child
  • What to Teach Your Young Child 
  • When to Start Teaching
  • How to Teach about Food Allergies
  • Helping Your Child Cope
  • Finding Safe Treats
  • Increasing Responsibility with Older Children

Chapter 1 - Creating a Safe Home Environment

  • Reading Food Labels 
  • Precautionary Allergen Statements 
  • Why Your Child Should Avoid Both Tree Nuts & Peanuts 
  • Avoiding Cross-Contact 
  • Unsafe Foods to Avoid at All Costs 
  • Foods that Sound Unsafe But Aren’t 
  • Being Assertive
  • Being Even-Tempered
  • Overcoming Communication Barriers
  • How to Explain Food Allergies to Others

Chapter 2 - The Allergist & Emergency Medication

  • Resources – 10 pages of resources for safe brands and finding safe foods; accessories; help with 504 Plans; and more
  • Appendices
  • Glossary
  • Epinephrine
  • The Food Allergy Action Plan
  • Building Your Child’s Emergency Medication Kit
  • Finding an Allergist
  • Preparing for the Appointment and What to Expect
  • Allergy Testing

Chapter 3 - Creating Safe School & Daycare Environments

Chapter 6 - Educating Others & Advocating for your Child

  • Keeping Young Children at Daycare Safe
  • Keeping School Age Children Safe
  • Requesting Special Accommodations at School
  • Leaving the Bubble of Home
  • Precautions to Take Outside your Home
  • Airline Travel
  • Babysitters
  • Birthday Parties
  • Eating at Other’s Homes
  • Eating at Restaurants
  • Halloween
  • Parties
  • School Lunches

Chapter 4 - Coping with Your Own Feelings

Plus, Some Extras

  • Mourning your "Old" Life Before Diagnosis
  • How to Find Support
  • Possible Future Treatments for Food Allergies

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Chapter 5 - Educating your Child about Food Allergies

About the Book (7 Chapters, 150+ pages)

This book is written by someone who has been there. When your child is diagnosed with an anaphylactic peanut or tree nut allergy, your whole world is turned upside down and inside out. It is overwhelming both physically and mentally. You just don't know where to start. This book is the place! It is written in an easy to read format and is very informative. The terms are clearly explained…I truly wished it would have been available when my daughter had been diagnosed. I learned a few tips and some new information. Even if you have been dealing with [peanut or tree nut allergies] for a while, you could learn something new.” – Mom of Twins Plus One

Become a label reading pro in just a single day. 

One Module with Seven Lessons, All About Label Reading & Choosing Safe Foods

About the Label Reading Pro Course 

  • 10 snack-sized videos
  • PDF of all mini course slides
  • Quick Start Guide for Label Reading
  • Additional resources
  • Interactive workbook
  • Lifetime access

If you need the course but simply cannot afford to pay $20, please contact me and we'll see what we can do.

  • 10 snack-sized videos to transform you into a label reading pro
  • Self-paced and online
  • PDF of all course slides
  • Full color e-book PDF with clickable links
  • 7 Chapters | 150+  pages
  • Quick Start Guide for Label Reading
  • Additional resources
  • Interactive workbook
  • Immediate access
  • Lifetime access


PDF e-Book

  • 10 snack-sized videos to transform you into a label reading pro
  • Self-paced and online
  • PDF of all course slides
  • Quick Start Guide for Label Reading
  • Additional resources
  • Interactive workbook
  • Immediate access
  • Lifetime access

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  • 7 Chapters | 150+ pages
  • Full color pages
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  • 7 Chapters | 150+ pages
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I’m Stephanie and I’m on a mission to help as many peanut and tree nut allergic families as possible. Because food allergies stink. Except when they rock, which is all the time if you’re a Kyle Dine fan. (And if you have a food-allergic child, I highly recommend being a Kyle Dine fan.) But I digress.

We found out my son has a life-threatening peanut allergy when he was two years old and his not-so-smart mom (that would be me) decided to give him peanut butter for the first time on Christmas Day. When the doctor’s office is closed. And it takes a while for the on-call nurse to call you back. And the nurse doesn’t seem to know that a swollen tongue and lips is indicative of anaphylaxis and warrants an immediate 911 call. (This was back in 2008 when, although food allergies were on the rise, information about them wasn’t as prolific as it is today. At least I hope things have improved.)

About the Author & Course Creator

We did end up taking my son to the ER and he came out of the experience fine, but afterward, besides being handed an EpiPen prescription, I was given no information about how to manage my son’s life-threatening condition. I wrote the first edition of the e-book because I wanted to help other families so nobody would feel as lost as I did back in 2008.

Today, there is a massive amount of information, and misinformation, on the internet. Whereas I was overwhelmed by the lack of information in 2008, I can understand why someone with a new diagnosis would be overwhelmed by the volume of information today. I’ve updated the book twice as more information and research have become available, and now the book “boils down” all the data and information into a compact, easy-to-use handbook of sorts. With the release of the third edition of the book, I also added an online label reading course since some people prefer to learn by viewing and hearing a presentation.